“I strongly recommend Stephen as a coach. He has a real passion for his profession and he transmits this in the way he guides you through the journey of coaching. He has a very organized process, indicating in advance the steps that will be followed, and as an added benefit gives you a carefully written summary after each session to help you remember the key points of the conversation.

Stephen coached me in my leadership role as CEO of the US operations of a Spanish olive oil company that has recently entered the US market. After one year of coaching sessions, I’ve significantly increased my confidence and competence as a leader while at the same time expanding my expertise in the olive oil industry and the field of gastronomy in general. Stephen has helped me to believe in myself and to never give up on my goals. He kept me on track towards my objectives by making sure that I took concrete actions each week. He then followed up on these actions and helped me to understand what I learned from doing them. After each of our sessions, I had a feeling of interior strength that allowed me to focus on solutions to my problems.

Stephen help me to solve several issues and to tackle the root problems behind them. Through a process of goal setting, designing actions and monitoring progress, he supported me in focusing on what was truly essential to me and to my business. By asking me questions that helped me to see issues from a different perspective, he created a space where I was able to have important insights that allowed me to move forward.

Stephen challenged me to find my own answers and to reach my own insights; such as, “it depends on how you look at the problem” and “it’s better to focus on the solution.

In summary, he helped me to think like an organized CEO and to reach my goals.”

Helen, Head of U.S. operations of leading olive oil producer


“Through my coaching sessions with Stephen I have achieved accomplishments that have changed my life, both personal and professional, for the better. I am referring to actions that have become habits such as, for example, a new morning routine, a more patient and non-judgmental mindset, writing as an act for clearing the space.

I have also elected a fictional character as my mentor, as the symbol of a new identity based on taking action and risk and making decisions.

I have made choices which I am happy about.

Stephen is patient, intelligent, knowledgeable. His brain based approach is a great opportunity to go through the sessions in a way that is respectful of the brain; the brain is grateful and shows its gratitude by carrying out surprising results.

Thank you Stephen!”
Stefania de’ Pantz
Director, British Institutes